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Registration for the June 26th 2012 meeting is now open

Please edit the page to add yourself to the list of participants.

This will help us to contact you with more details of the meeting, and also to book enough places in a restaurant/bar after the meeting.

You need an account on this wiki to be able to edit the page - if you don't have one, start by signing up for one here. Once your account has been confirmed by one of the organisers, you can log in and edit this page.


  1. Jon Fuller, HITS
  2. Katja Linssen
  3. Prakash Balasubramanian, DKFZ
  4. Aidan Budd, EMBL
  5. Matthew Betts, Uni Heidelberg
  6. Grainne Kerr, DKFZ
  7. Andrew Brown, EMBL
  8. Maria Secrier, EMBL
  9. Agnes Hotz-Wagenblatt, DKFZ
  10. Leonardo Trabuco, Uni Heidelberg
  11. Janos Binder, EMBL
  12. Franziska Lorbeer, DKFZ
  13. Andrew Hufton, Molecular Systems Biology
  14. Martin Holi, Heidelberg Analytics
  15. Guy Karlebach, DKFZ
  16. Damien Devos, COS, Uni Heidelberg
  17. Laurence Ettwiller, COS, Uni Heidelberg
  18. Tobias Meißner, University Hospital Heidelberg
  19. Andreas Schlattl, EMBL
  20. Chris Schneider, Sanofi Frankfurt
  21. Venkata P. Satagopam, EMBL
  22. Stefan Henrich, HITS
  23. Charles Imbusch, DKFZ
  24. Felix Klein, EMBL
  25. Murat Iskar, EMBL
  26. Ulrike Uhrig, EMBL
  27. Joe Barry, EMBL
  28. Juan L. Mateo, COS, Uni Heidelberg
  29. Esther Schmidt, DKFZ
  30. Kiran Patil, EMBL
  31. Samy Deghou, EMBL
  32. Charles Girardot, EMBL
  33. Reinhard Schneider, University of Luxembourg
  34. Joachim Weischenfeldt, EMBL
  35. Francesca Diella, MH
  36. Theodoros Soldatos, MolecularHealth
  37. Karl Kugler, EMBL
  38. Lars Feuerbach, DKFZ