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What: Come for the AGM, stay for the Glühwein

When: Monday Dec 16, 19:00 to 20:00

Where: Horsaal 12, Grabengasse 3-5 / Uniplatz

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of HUB e.V. will be on Dec 16 at 19:00. This is a formal meeting required by the HUB e.V. constitution. Once that's done, by 20:00, we'll go to the Christmas market on Uniplatz. Meet us there to chat about what we can do together as HUB next year.

Draft agenda

1. (very) short presentation on activities of HUB e.V. in 2019

2. update of membership of interested parties (you need to be a paid-up member to be able to vote)

3. election for 1. and 2. Vorstand (Chair and Vice-chair) and treasurer.

This will include a short description by people currently in those roles, followed by a 2 min intro from each new candidate describing why they would like to take that position.

Voting - this must be based on a simple majority after a secret ballot.

4. Appeal for volunteers to help fix / maintain the technical side of HUB, in particular the wiki and wordpress sites (inc. short description of what this involves)

5. Any other business

6. To the Christmas market.

HUB constitution: