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Tools you don't want to be without anymore!

Two HUB organisers are involved in the EMBO Practical Course on Computational analysis of protein-protein interactions: Sequences, networks and diseases taking place in May/June 2016 in Budapest.

As a social event associated with the course, we will run an unseminar session for course participants (trainers and trainees) and also for any locals interested in meeting this group, and would enjoy discussing and sharing ideas with each other about IT/computer/geeky tools they use that they find really useful in their lives.

Intro (5 min; 19:00-19:05)

Brief introduction into the unseminar concept, show some pictures, posters, video...

Ice-breaker (15 min; 19:05-19:20)

"Similarities & Differences"

Aim of the exercise is to learn things about each other i.e. get to know each other a bit better by interviewing each other.

Participants form groups of four: The roles of interviewer, and interviewee, note-taker, and observer, are distributed between the four. The interviewer carries out an interview of the interviewee to help identify both things they share with each other (e.g. both have visited Iceland for a holiday) and things that sound particularly unusual or interesting and potentially unique about the person being interviewed (e.g. is a published poet).

Only 3 minutes per interview, then the roles are swapped for three more interviews, such that each of the four has one go at playing each role.

During interviews, the note-taker writes down some of the unique, some of the shared, things that were identified during the interview. The observer does nothing but observe quietly.

Once x rounds of interviewing are completed, the facilitator collects the notes, reads aloud; others have to guess who the individual is...

Aim of the exercise is to learn things about each other i.e. get to know each other a bit better, to practice asking the right questions, and to see how useful it can be to use both an observer and an interviewer, and most importantly, to break the ice i.e. get us into an interactive, collaborative mood.

Main Activity: "Show me yours, I'll show you mine"

In our everyday work and personal life, we use programs, tools, apps, techniques etc. which help us make our lives easier or just getting the job done faster, better, easier.

In this exercise, we'd like to exchange experiences and ideas around those tools, that you just wouldn’t want to be without anymore! For this, we’ll use an Open Space Technology (OST) approach to forming smaller groups to discuss and compare our experiences of handy tools we use, in a range of different domains. OST is set up to make it easy for you to move from group to group as the discussions and conversations you’re having change, and your interests in them change with it.

While doing that, we’ll try and capture online the ideas and tools that people come up with during the session, so that others who are interested in this, but not participating in the session in person, can also see and hear about the tools we’re finding indispensable! For this, we'll use the following piratepad:


Have fun!

Things needed

  • tables
  • chairs
  • projector / wall
  • pens & sticky notes