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HUB announcement mailing list

To register for emails about future HUB events, just send an empty mail to:; the address that gets added to the list is the one in the "from" field of this empty mail.

This list is moderated i.e. you can write to, but your mail won't be sent to the list until one of the moderators approves it.

To unsubscribe, just send an empty mail to, with the email address you want to remove from the list in the "from" field of your email.

This list is relatively low-volume, most mails are announcements for future meetings. It's also how we will contact you if there are any last minute changes to a meeting (e.g. that it's canceled). So if you plan to participate in meetings, it's probably a good idea that you sign up for the list.

There's more info about the HUB mailing lists on the HUB Website page.


We also announce events/meetings etc. via the HUB LinkedIn group. This can also be useful for keeping in touch with other HUB participants once they've left the area


The HUB Twitter handle is @HUBioinformatic.

To refer to the meetings we use the hashtag #hub_hub