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What and how? "Agile" software and project development; a joint event with EMBL Software Carpentry course

When? Thursday November 13th 2014, 18.30 - 21.00

Where? Grabengasse 3-5, Building 2170, Groundfloor, Hörsaal 4a

Who? A team of people working at several different life-science organisations within Heidelberg are organising HUB, with your help (just get in touch or add your comments to this page).

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Event summary

"Agile" describes a set of principles and methods that have been applied to (in particular software development) projects in an attempt to support continuous improvement and a need for rapid and flexible response to change.

At this HUB we will introduce the motivation behind these methods, give a very brief sketch of what they can involve, and then try them out for ourselves in one of the many gamified introductions to such methods.


18.30-18.40 Welcome File:IntroNotesForHUB14.pdf Aidan
18.40-19.00 Icebreaker Holger
18.40-19.00 Presentation: Introduction to Agile Tom
19.00-20.45 Agile game File:NotesOnHUB14GameV2.pdf Aidan
20.45-21.00 Wrap up session, questions Aidan
21.00-........ Off to Marstal for a drink and a chat All


Short report

We used the "shared & unique" icebreaker which is extremely simple, but super effective: People immediately started discussing and trying to find out more about each other.

Everybody was very engaged from the beginning on and after Tom's introduction to Agile & Scrum, Aidan led through the evening as we were practicing 'agile' methods while constructing a city with Lego. Here, people got really innovative & creative, we've seen different styles of construction work, some being collaborative, some soloing. The tight schedule added another level of excitement ;-) After three rounds of 'sprints' and Aidan being the picky customer we've managed to assemble a beautiful city with many houses, shop, church/mosque, river, park, bank, stadium and more.

Everyone seemed to have a good time!

HUB14 1.png HUB14 3.png HUB14 4.png HUB14 5.png HUB14 2.png (Photos copyright CC-BY by Luis Pedro Coelho)

Task List

A list of tasks that need to be done on or before the meeting day. Just sign your name to say that you'll do a task, and the same again when the task is done.

To arrange before evening Person responsible Done
Bring Duplo Luis Done
Bring LEGO Aidan Done
Bring cartons for LEGO for each group Holger Done
Drinking Water and Cups? Florian Done
Print & bring HUB poster Iman Done
A4 signs in plastic envelopes to help people find the room Adam Done
Create the poster Matt Done
Print and display poster where relevant
  • BioQuant: Matt
  • EMBL: Aidan
  • DKFZ: Florian
  • ZMBH: Florian
  • Zentralmensa: Florian
  • BioQuant: Matt
  • EMBL: Aidan
  • DKFZ, ZMBH, Zentralmensa: all done
Advertise on linkedin Aidan Aidan
Beamer (There's one in the room that we can use - Matt to ask the caretaker.) Done
Send initial announcement email to HUB All Aidan Aidan
Send same-day-as event announcement email to HUB All Aidan Aidan

To do on the evening Person responsible Done
Open the room Matt Done
Arrange tables/chairs All Done
Hang up signs to the room Florian, Adam Done
Setup and welcome attendees Florian Done
Tidy and close room All Done


"We need to do more HUBs with LEGO"

"You guys put a great workshop together"

"We had tons of fun as well as learned a great deal about agile and scrum methodologies"