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In conjunction with the 4th Heidelberg Forum for Young Life Scientists, HUB brings you an evening of dice, playing cards and werewolf hunting, showing when intuition can go wrong and how statistics can help.

Sign up for the event Let us know you if you plan to come by filling in this doodle

When? Thursday 21st May, 2015, 20:00-21:30

Where? DKFZ Comunications Center, Im Neuenheimer Feld 280, 69120 Heidelberg.

Who? A team of people working at several different life-science organisations within Heidelberg

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Starting at 20:00:

  • Welcome and introduction - there's a werewolf amongst us! (5mins)
  • Flash talk from Bernd Klaus (5mins)
  • Ice-breaker - the birthday problem (10-20mins)
  • Playing cards and probabilities (10mins)
  • Game show (20mins)
  • We tend to be overconfident (20mins)
  • Final words and farewell: unmasking the werewolf (5mins)
  • To cafe Botanik

Task List

Before the evening:

What Person responsible
List of registered people Matt
Create the poster Matt
Print and display poster
  • BioQuant: Matt
  • EMBL:
  • DKFZ:
  • ZMBH:
  • Mensa:
  • HITS
Advertise on linkedin
Email advertising the event Matt
Send reminder email on the day of the event Matt

Things for organisers to bring:

What Person responsible
stickers for name badges
explanatory slides Matt
werewolf paper Matt
dice Matt
playing cards
HUB signs + tape
Drinks and snacks HFYLS

To do on the evening:

What Person responsible
Arrange tables/chairs
Hang up signs to the room
Setup and welcome attendees
MC Matt
Flash talk Bernd
Playing cards and probabilities Holger
Game show
'We tend to be overconfident' activitiy
Tidy and close room
Take participants to Cafe Botanik