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On Wednesday August 15, from 18:00 onwards, meet fellow bioinformaticians on the Neckarwiese, at the barbecue area nearest to the Bismarkplatz bridge (Theodor-Heuss-Brücke), grill together, and talk about what you'd like to see in future HUB meetings. (For some inspiration, remind yourself of what we did in the first two proper meetings, where we looked at challenges in systems biology and funding bioinformatics.)

Check out the list of people coming (and add yourself!)

Please bring enough food and drink for yourself, something to sit on and perhaps some games, your ideas, and be prepared to share. If you have a barbecue you could bring, even better. Please indicate this below.

In the event of really wet weather, we'll meet in Cafe Rossi instead.


Please add yourself to this list if you're intending to come along. This will help us to contact you with more details.

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Please also indicate if you have a barbecue you can bring.

  1. Matthew Betts, Uni Heidelberg
  2. Andrew Hufton, Molecular Systems Biology
  3. Andrew Brown, EMBL
  4. Katja Linssen
  5. Grainne Kerr, DKFZ
  6. Jing Zhou, HITS
  7. Prakash Balasubramanian, DKFZ
  8. Maria Secrier, EMBL
  9. Theodoros Soldatos, MH
  10. Agnes Hotz-Wagenblatt, DKFZ
  11. Jean-Karim Heriche, EMBL
  12. Cedric Debes, HITS
  13. Adam Gristwood, EMBL
  14. Martin Holi, Uni HD
  15. Alexandros Stamatakis, HITS
  16. Zita Soons, DKFZ
  17. Aidan Budd, EMBL
  18. Vera Herkommer, EMBL
  19. Venkata Satagopam, EMBL
  20. Holger Dinkel, EMBL
  21. Francesca Diella, MH, EMBL
  22. Daniel Mende, EMBL
  23. Pierre Khoueiry, EMBL
  24. Esther Schmidt, DKFZ
  25. Charles Imbusch, DKFZ
  26. Jiajie Zhang, HITS
  27. Fernando Izquierdo, HITS
  28. Beifei Zhou, HITS,PICB
  29. Stefan Henrich, HITS
  30. Franziska Lorbeer, DKFZ
  31. Thomas Wolf, DKFZ
  32. Maik Röder, CRG