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What?: 2015 annual general meeting of the Heidelberg Unseminars in Bioinformatics (HUB) e.V.

Where?: Hörsaal 04a, Erdgeschoss (Ground floor), Grabengasse 3-5 (Universitaetplatz), Heidelberg

When?: Monday 14th December 2015, 19.30

HUB e.V. WordPress site page for the event


  1. (very) short presentation on activities of HUB e.V. in 2015
  2. update of membership of interested parties (you need to be a paid-up member to be able to vote)
  3. election for 1. and 2. Vorstand (Chair and Vic-chair) and treasurer
    • short description by people currently in those roles, of what work the position has involved for them
    • 2 min intro from each candidate describing why they would like to take that position:
      • Aidan, Laura, Matt (currently 1. and 2. Vorstand, and treasurer, respectively) plan to stand again, any one who wants to can also stand, and announce that on the evening
    • voting - this must be based on majority voting, we will use a secret ballot for this
  4. discussion (but no voting) on topic/issue of developing guidelines for associating other organisations (via using their logo on HUB e.V. posters, and/or on the HUB e.V. website) with HUB e.V. activities. Some topics to be considered include:
    • only doing this in the case of written agreement between the HUB e.V. and other organisations, specifying:
      • the number of events/time for which the logo will be associated with the HUB e.V. posters and/or website (number of events, one specific event, a calendar period)
      • what both parties offer each other in connection with the arrangement e.g. use of premises/rooms, provision of refreshments, financial support, etc.
    • only doing this with the written agreement of the appropriate responsible people from the partner institution for the use of their logo in this way – the responsibility of acquiring this
    • whether to consider this for an organization for which the contribution is that they fund the work (either via salary or grant) of a HUB e.V. member or organizer of HUB events, if that person uses some of their work time to organize or deliver or attend HUB e.V. events or associated HUB e.V. activities, when their funders or employers agree that this is an appropriate way for them to spend their work time
    • how to decide on a policy e.g.
      • to be decided by the HUB e.V. Vorstand
      • to be decided via vote at a Mitgliedversammlung

After the meeting is over, we will go together to the Christmas Market in Universitaetzplatz, probably getting there by 20.30.