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Discussing New Ideas for HUB

Interior of the Marstall Mensa, where we'll be holding HUB4.5. Image from Wikipedia
Exterior of the Marstall Mensa, where we'll be holding HUB4.5, as seen from Uniplatz. Image from Wikimedia, taken by Hermann Luyken

We used a world cafe event to get input from the community on the following topics:

Following HUB4.5, six of the HUB organisers met to extract a set of action points from the results of the discussions on these topics. In the spirit of HUB as a community/participant-driven undertaking, we have collected these together, and encourage people to sign up for getting involved in making the ones they care about most happen.

You are very welcome/strongly encouraged to contribute further to these discussions using the relevant Discussion/Talk pages associated with the above links!

When doing so, please follow the conventions described for discussions on mediawiki Talk pages, to help keep the method/format of the discussion easier to follow.

If you attended the meeting, or even if you didn't, and you have an account on the HUB wiki, we encourage you to visit the above links and continue our discussion of these issues further, via this wiki.

More details on the logistics of the event are given below, left as they were from the evening of the event.

Want to get involved in organising future HUB events? Add your name to this list.

Sign up here if you plan to attend the meeting!

What? Meet fellow bioinformaticians in Heidelberg, and discuss ideas for developing HUB further

When? Wednesday 20th February, 2013, 19.00 - 21.00

Where? Marstall Mensa (just off Universitätsplatz in Heidelberg old town)

How? This time we aim to to develop some ideas about HUB and how we can take it further, with input from as wide a range of people as possible.

Don't worry if you've not thought about these topics, or haven't been to a HUB meeting, before! - as for all HUB events, one of our main aims is to get to know each other better, and this for sure will happen if you come along and join in the small-group discussions, independent of whether you come along with ideas already to the meeting or not.

We will be doing this in a public place (i.e. the Marstall Mensa) so it won't be possible for us to have a large group discussion, or to present talks etc. in front of each other. Rather, we will set up on four different tables in the Mensa, and organise the discussions from there.

We'll have some HUB-logo signs printed out and visible on the tables, so you can tell where we are in the Mensa.

Who is organising it? A team of people working at several different life-science organisations within Heidelberg are organising HUB. Katja Linssen and Aidan Budd are coordinating the HUB4.5 meeting.

Who is coming? Check out the list of registered participants

Checklist of tasks before the meeting