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HUB Meeting Checklist

A list of tasks that need to be done on or before the meeting day. Just sign your name to say that you'll do a task, and the same again when the task is done!

To arrange before evening Person responsible Done
Organising warm up excersise Katja
Gifts (bottles of wine) Adam Adam
List of registered people Matt Matt
A4 signs in plastic envelopes to help people find the room Adam Adam
Drinking Water and Cups Adam
Stationary and stickers Adam
Booking pub Holger Marstall (no booking)
Ordering beer for evening Holger Holger
Treasury duties Matt
Print and display poster where relevant Grainne (DKFZ); Jon (HITS); Aidan (EMBL); Katja (EMBO); Uni (Matt) Jon; Aidan (EMBL)
Camera Adam
Beamer Aidan
To Do on the evening Person responsible Done
Collect talks on laptop Matt
Open the room Jon
Arrange room (tables/chairs) All
Hang up signs to the room Adam
Setup and welcome attendees Holger
Setup AV equipment Matt
MC/Chair the meeting Adam
Direct attendees to the pub Aidan
Return crates of empty beer Holger
Tidy and close room Jon