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Sign up here if you plan to attend!

Get involved in organising this and other HUBs!

What and how? Something gitty (followup to HUB7, The technical side of collaborative working - how to keep track of documents & file versions

When? Thu, 23rd January, 18:30

Where? Grabengasse 3-5, Building 2170, Groundfloor, Hörsaal 4a.

Who? A team of people working at several different life-science organisations within Heidelberg are organising HUB, with your help (just get in touch or add your comments to this page).

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Please add yourself to the list of participants by editing the list below. Also bring your laptop, if you want to participate and indicate which Operating System you're running on your laptop (Windows, Mac, Linux). This will help us to gauge interest and to contact you with more details of the meeting.

If you want to participate in the practical part (which you should), please install git on your laptop; you'll find download links below. In case you have any problems in installing any of the software, just come 30minutes earlier, and we will help you set it up.

Download links:

SourceTree (a graphical user interface for git):

List of participants:

  1. Holger Dinkel, EMBL, (Mac OSX)
  2. Jon Fuller, HITS, (Mac OS X)


Task List

A list of tasks that need to be done on or before the meeting day. Just sign your name to say that you'll do a task, and the same again when the task is done.

To arrange before evening Person responsible Done
List of registered people
Network/Connectivity Holger, Jon
Ordering beer for evening
Drinking Water and Cups
A4 signs in plastic envelopes to help people find the room
Treasury duties
Create the poster
Print and display poster where relevant
  • BioQuant:
  • EMBL:
  • DKFZ:
  • ...
  • BioQuant:
  • EMBL:
  • DKFZ:
  • ...
Advertise on linkedin
Send reminder email

To do on the evening Person responsible Done
Open the room
Arrange room (tables/chairs)
Hang up signs to the room
Setup and welcome attendees
Bring extension cables (for all the laptops)
Bring tape to fix cables
Setup Network/Connectivity
Setup AV equipment
Help people with setup of their laptops
MC/Chair the meeting
Chair the Standing-on-a-line warmup
Chair the initial discussion
Tidy and close room

Planning Meetings

Thursday Dec 12, 2013

  • Time 14:00, at EMBL
  • Informal meeting between Jon & Holger
  • Brief outline of things to do:
  • Try to repeat/followup on HUB7: using git for collaborative work
  • This time, it might be better to run through a "scripted workflow" using 3-6 Participants (really Organizers) to show different features of git/workflow
    • conflicts
    • branches
    • using the GUI as well as commandline?
  • Use one or more RaspberryPi(s) to create connectivity
    • possibly use multiple individual shares for individual groups to avoid problems?
  • Use USB sticks as fallback
  • Test the setup/script in January (doodle?)
  • Provide git cheatsheet