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What is HUB?

'HUB' stands for 'Heidelberg Unseminars in Bioinformatics'.

An "unseminar" is a shorter version of an "unconference" i.e. a less centralised, more participant-driven meeting. Thus, content and structure of the events is driven by you.

As the name indicates, HUB is a forum for Heidelberg-related computational biologists/bioinformaticians to get to know each other better, to exchange ideas, and to discuss hot topics and challenges we encounter in our work.

Other people involved in the community e.g. publishers or project managers, are also very welcome, even if they are not practicing bioinformaticians.

Our main aim is to promote networking and interaction within the community, particularly between people working in different institutions. Thus, we have chosen a collaborative, community-driven, participative format similar to that of an unconference. We will still be talking about bioinformatics-related issues, but we see the networking aspect of the meetings at least as, if not more, important as the exchange of bioinformatics-related information and ideas.

Our focus is on early-stage researchers, aiming to make it as easy and relaxed as possible for them to meet and interact, although more senior members of the community are also very welcome.

Please feel free to browse and, even better, get an HUB wiki account and contribute to the discussions.