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Talking about the group who's worked with Heidelberg Forum for Young Life Scientists to do the social event this evening.

I'm part of it, our aim is to help people interested in:

  • bioinformatics
  • science communciation
  • organising alternative-format meetings
  • getting to know and collaborating with people with these interests


  • get to know each other better
  • collaborate around shared interests and goals
  • learn more from each other about these topics

Do this by organising alternative-format 'unseminar' events.

Events always of relevance for people with all those interests, even the more 'techy' topics will aim to be accessible for all.

Participants and organisers fill all those roles/inteests:

  • bioinformaticans
  • bench scientsts
  • journalists
  • editors
  • administrators

Anyone interests in this is welcome to join and organise them with us!

19th Unseminar, 28th Meeting, this evening, 20:00-21:30, here

About how intuition can be helped and improved using statistics - then we'll go to Cafe Botanik afterwards

Next meeting after today will be a BBQ on Neckarvwiese in June probably on a Sunday - eveyrone welcome!

Want to hear more, just sign up for the mailing list, info on (nice URL, eh)

Examples of the topics of meetings, kinds of activities

  • always an icebreaker game (speed dating, small group mini-competions, pictionary, etc.)
  • short flash talks if people want to describe their work
  • maybe a short presentation on relevant topic
  • small group activities

Topics and activiteis have included:

  • using Lego to learn about agile/scrum approaches to product development
  • writing an article together about 'biggest challenges for bioinformatics"
  • communicating about our science, story telling and writing elevator pitches
  • visualisation of data for biology (learning about and trying out sketch-noting, improving together scientific figures)

Great to do this with ***Heidelberg Forum for Young Life Scientists*** - thanks to them for all their help and support, and all the HUBers working on it too!

Want to learn more, visit the website or catch up with me over lunch.

Now will show you now a quick video we made

  • Gives and impression what the meetings are like
  • Gives me a chance to cringe
  • Gives an example of how we use HUB to give us a chance to try stuff out - in this case some wanted to try making a promotion video, so we did this

Hope to see some of you this evening!