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What is HUB?

Heidelberg Unseminars in Bioinformatics are participant-driven meetings where people with an interest in bioinformatics come together to discuss hot topics and exchange ideas and then go for a drink and a snack afterwards.

Upcoming Events

Recent events

Get involved in HUB

HUB is all about community participation - let us know if you'd like to get involved by editing these pages:

We keep the minutes of our planning meetings online for all to read - for earlier HUBs these are provided in the wiki pages for those specific HUBs, from HUB12 we're trying out putting them all together in this HUB planning meeting minutes page

Stay in touch with HUB

Want to keep in touch with the HUB community in other ways?

  • Register for emails about future HUB events by sending an empty mail to
  • Join the HUB LinkedIn group - great for keeping in touch with other HUB participants, even once they've left the area
  • Tweet us on @HUBioinformatic and/or with the hashtag #hub_hub (note we've retired the hashtag #hub_hd as we had trouble remembering it i.e. whether it was #hd_hub or #hub_hd, and because there may be a new organisation starting in Heidelberg called #hd_hub, so we change it also to remove potential confusion)

Extra HUB activities

Past Events

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