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HUB at wordpress

  • Any of the organisers who want to edit the wordpress account should get their own account and play around with it and become more comfortable. It is really user friendly, once you get used to it.
  • The essential consensus for the hub wordpress is as follows:

HOME PAGE: hub logo on the left, with 3 menu tabs. (logo will always link to the home page)

Main Menu:

the 3headings will be: Home, Events, Who are we?

  • the next hub will be advertised with a general picture of people (something interactive and from a different hub). This is until a poster is made for for the event. This poster will be a jpeg that can be downloaded as pdf document of the poster.

Beside the image, basic information like, Where, when, title and a "read more" hyperlink to the actual event page.

  • Sub menu:

Home - none Events: Upcoming events, past events Non Hub events

  • Who are we?

Contact us How to get involved

  • Footer will be:

Impressum and verein

  • On the home page:

underneath the current hub, there will be a news item, with the same structure, e.g. image, plus a short summary and link to previous event page where there is an update and/or photos.

The main menu will be on every page (a smaller version of the logo and the three menu tabs).

    • A page that needs to be constructed is the past events. This page will essentially be links to the old hubs. E.g. Hub 10, hub 9 and they are linked to the respective pages from the wiki.
  • Event page:

When the current organiser creates the event page they should include the basic information, plus a link to doodle poll for signing up and also a doodle poll for people volunteering for things to do on the night. It is up to the current organiser of that particular hub to initiate the doodle polls - that way they themselves get updates sent to their email address. Try not to leave that page blank, only create it when you have these things ready.

Laura will create the next HUB 13 page. yeaahhh thanks Laura!

  • Bronagh will create a draft of the home page.

When the website is complete, it will not look exactly like the current template, but the colours will more or less be the same.

  • Me and Laura will have three (or so) pages ready in a while and send it to everyone for proof reading before going live..
  • Maria would like any images of past events sent to her, so she can create a photo gallery.

HUB at uberspace

The HUB-HUB wiki has successfully been moved to uberspace. For now, I'll collect some logs here for reference:



Current Lists:


This list should contain everybody who wants to receive emails about upcoming HUBs etc. Basically this list replaces the old wiki signup functionality. It is moderated for sending emails, not for signup.

ezmlm-make -m -t ~/ezmlm/all ~/.qmail-all all

This list contains only people who are active organisers of HUB. It is moderated on signup, not on sending emails to the list.

ezmlm-make -m -t -s ~/ezmlm/organisers ~/.qmail-organisers organisers

This list contains every member (Mitglied) of the HUB verein. People cannot subscribe but are added manually.

ezmlm-make -u -s ~/ezmlm/members ~/.qmail-members members

current Moderators: Holger, Matt, Aidan

Editing moderator list

Use all the same commands as below (ezmlm-list, ezmlm-unsub, ezmlm-sub but with 'mod' as an extra argument e.g.:

ezmlm-sub ~/ezmlm/all mod xxxx@yyy.xx

to add the address xxxx@yyy.xx to list of moderators.

Adding people to mailing lists

Moderators should be able to add someone to a list by sending a mail to the list. For example, to add one to the list, a moderator sends an empty mail to

however as of 18th August 2014 we don't seem to be able to get this to work.

However, logged into the HUB server, it's easy to add an address to this list from the command line e.g. using:

ezmlm-sub ~/ezmlm/organisers preAtSignEmailAdressSegment@postAtSignEmailAdressSegment

Removing people from mailing lists

ezmlm-unsub ~/ezmlm/organisers preAtSignEmailAdressSegment@postAtSignEmailAdressSegment

Listing subscribers to a mailing list

ezmlm-list ~/ezmlm/organisers

Adding/Editing a trailer/footer

First, change the mailinglist to honor the trailerfile:

ezmlm-make -e -+ -t ~/ezmlm/MAILINGLIST ~/.qmail-MAILINGLIST MAILINGLIST

then add/edit the file


Test move of current content to uberspace

This will be on Fri evening, 25/04/2014 (Dates chosen by doodle).

Please email us at if you'd like to be involved.


Basics for replicating what we already have on the current site. Some of it should be done in the order given, some not.

  1. on current site:
    1. lock wiki for editing
    2. dump db contents
    3. tar and gzip wiki static files and uploads (inc. images)
    4. tar and gzip course info
  2. on uberspace
    1. create hub account
    2. set-up httpd.conf, start httpd
    3. start mysql and add wiki user
    4. import db dump
    5. check PHP
    6. transfer wiki .tar.gz and unarchive to desired folder
    7. transfer course .tar.gz and unarchive to desired folder
    8. check wiki
    9. unlock wiki for edits
  3. move to uberspace
    1. short-term: redirect in httpd.conf of current site
    2. long-term: register domain name at uberspace
  4. unlock uberspace version of wiki for editing

Other uberspace to-dos?

  • fancy web-site, eg. with wordpress or joomla?
  • git server
  • mail server / mailing lists

Meeting 08/04/2014

Our ownership of the domain name '' will expire on May 22, 2014. This is a good time to think of what to do with our website, since it's easier to transfer ownership when it expires. We should think about whether we want to stick with the wiki or have something that looks more professional. The latter wouldn't necessarily mean losing the wiki content, we could still have the wiki either as an archive of old stuff or in active use where appropriate. But it would mean having people keen to do it and with the right access to the server.

Time: 19:00, Tuesday April 8, 2014, Marstall Mensa. (Dates chosen via doodle.)


  1. impressum
  2. Options for hosting:
    1. leave it where it is
      1. Pros: easy.
      2. Cons: currently the wiki is hosted on the russelllab group server, meaning that Matt is the only HUB person who has access to change low-level things. It also suffers when/if server crashes, especially when Matt is away.
    2. host it on another server of one of our groups. Similar problems with this though, unless it's embl where several of us live.
    3. buy server space somewhere.
      1. Pros: we all have low-level access, and we may get email list abilities too.
      2. Cons: Costs money though! eg. at network solutions, who administer the domain name:
      3. For example: Uberspace, suggested by Holger
      4. or this:, which is similar (2.79 a month) has sql and php and can use joomla or drupal and incorporate wordpress. - the deluxe package (3.49 a month) includes email address. But American, so may not be suitable for something European
    4. other solutions?
  3. Requirements of hosting if we move the site? Suggestions:
    1. can move the wiki there easily, so should have:
      1. PHP
      2. MySql
    2. ability to create and manage mailing lists
    3. blog set-up potential
    4. 'more professional' front end
    5. we can afford it
    6. can be administered by more than one person
  4. Changing the name of HUB. Other groups are popping up in the area that use this name, eg. HuB - Human Bioinformatics (I don't have a link for this). Should we stick with HUB or change to something else?
    1. Our domain name should reflect whatever name we decide.
  5. Should we make HUB an official Verein? What would be needed, and what are the implications?
  6. Any other business.


(Names in bold indicate people who agreed to do the specified tasks.)

  • impressum
    • only needs to be in German
    • needs to include a person, name & address. This can be for the Verein if/when that is established, but can be Matt for now.
    • holger to put it up
  • options for hosting
    • we will (most probably) go with uberspace
    • costs ca. 2 - 20 euros per month on a 'pay what you want' scheme depending on what you need
      • we shouldn't need much, at least initially
      • if uberspace think you're not paying enough for what you use, they will ask for more
    • we will retain ownership and responsibility of information and data we host there, but it is our responsibility to keep backups
    • can move domain name to here
    • we will have ssh access, with one username and password for administration (which we can share)
    • important to keep the wiki for legacy, ease of use, and simplest set-up of site on a new host
    • has PHP and MySQL, so should be trivial to copy over the wiki
    • can test first, without paying
    • we could have a blog as an addition to the wiki, not necessarily as an alternative
    • eg. have a 'professional' front page with links to the wiki, blog, and a twitter feed
    • maybe also a non-google calendar
    • we don't know if we can use it to manage mailing lists
    • might be able to use it for a git server for testing and for non-public collaborations (eg. something that we intend to publish in a journal that requires it not to be published already elsewhere)
    • we (interested parties) will meet separately to test it, soon. Matt to set up a doodle for this. We will invite all HUB participants.
  • once we've moved the site, we could offer a design / web project for a student to revamp it.
    • cannot reasonably ask a qualified designer to do it for free
    • we should be under no obligation to use the results of such a project
    • a potential project for an after-school club?
    • we would need to define the basic requirements
  • Changing the name of HUB
    • we agree to stay 'HUB' and keep the domain name ''
  • Verein
    • we agreed it would be a good idea to set HUB up as a Verein:
      • will be a legal entity
      • no single person will be legally responsible for HUB (eg. in the imprint)
      • will be able to open a HUB bank account
      • should be easier to attract / manage sponsorship and donations
    • Holger to investigate requirements for setting one up. For now we think we need
      • one start-up meeting with a minimum of X people. We will have this at the end of the next full HUB meeting.
    • we could charge a voluntary annual membership fee (eg. 5 euros)
      • to fund the web site hosting fees, etc.
    • membership would not be dependent on paying the fee
    • we decided it was best to keep it as a Heidelberg-based Verein, not the whole of Germany. (Whilst welcoming and encouraging non-Heidelberg participants and *UBs in other locations.)
    • the verein should be called 'Heidelberg Unseminars in Bioinformatics' or 'HUB', maybe with 'Verein' as a suffix.
  • Any other business
    • coder dojos (event to introduce kids to coding) - we could organise one. Bronagh to investigate this, with Laura. including contacting Philipp Gebhardt of ELLS.
    • we will send a single plain-text email to the list mentioning the following:
      • HUB10.5 advertisement
      • requesting speaker suggestions for DKFZ/HUB career event
      • advertise website meeting