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2nd Norwich Unseminar in Bioinformatics: Open Data, Open Tools

What and how? A joint event with EMBO Practical Course on Computational analysis of protein-protein interactions: From sequences to networks, this is a participant-driven unseminar session exploring issues related to open data. Without the support of TGAC, and EMBO's funding of the Practical Course, this wouldn't be possible, many thanks to both organisations!

When? Thursday October 1st, 19:00 - 21:00 (pizza beforehand, starting 18:00, ground floor of TGAC)

Where? The Genome Analysis Centre TGAC

Who? Matt Drew, Aidan Budd, Holger Dinkel, and you

Files used while preparing/running the unseminar

Unseminars and NUB

An unseminar is a shorter version of an unconference. We have been running bioinformatics unseminars in Heidelberg for several years, and this time are running one here in Norwich at TGAC, linked to the EMBO Practical Course we're running here.

All trainers and trainees from the course are invited to the unseminar; part of the reason for running this event, is to give locals who are not on the course, but are interested in open data-related issues a chance to discuss these issues, and to meet up with trainers and trainees from this course. It's not at all limited just to bioinformaticians - we welcome bench scientists, bioinformaticians, or non-researchers interested in these topics or just generally in organising alternative-format events and/or science communications.

This is the second time Holger, Aidan, and Matt put on an unseminar in Norwich - the previous one was March 2015, and was linked with the User Experience Design workshop organised by TGAC that we were involved in.

Programme (3 hrs [including food and drinks]; 18:00-21:00)

Pre-unseminar buffet food and drink (60 min; 18:00-19:00)

Free and open to all who will attend the unseminar.

Intro (Darwin Room; 15 min; 19:00-19:15)

  • what is an unseminar/unconference?
  • outline of the evening
  • huge thanks to TGAC and EMBO

Lego (start in Darwin Room, move to 2nd floor lobby space; 30 min; 19:15-19:45

We'll work together, in groups, to construct buildings using Lego - and hopefully also get some insights into issues related to sharing data and ideas.

Introduction to Open Data (Darwin Room; 15 min; 19:45-20:00)

Andrew Hufton, managing editor of the Nature Publishing Group journal Scientific Data will give an introduction this his ideas on the implications, importance, and challenges of open data.

Open Space Technology (OST) (start in Darwin Room; 30 min; 20:00-20:50)

We'll use a classic open unconference format for us to discuss topics related to open data (or other topics of interest) - you can read more about OST in the description of a previous Heidelberg Unsemianr that used this approach.

More Lego (optional 20:30-20:50)

We'll vote on whether to continue the OST session for the full time (20:00-20:55) or whether to break early (at 20.30) and do a follow-up open-data related Lego activity

Reflection and close (5 min; 20:50-21:00)

Chat with your neighbour - ask yourselves whether you enjoyed the evening, or got anything useful from it. If you'd like to share some of these with the full group, you'll be invited to after chatting with your neighbour.

Thanks and farewell.