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How do I propose a talk topic?
Simply add your idea to the list on the 1st unseminar page. To do this, you have to create/log into an account on this wiki, and then select the 'edit' tab above.
Add your suggestion to the list by Tuesday 10th April, we'll let you know by the end of that week (Friday 13th April) whether we'd like you to present or not

IMPORTANT: please include your name (i.e. the name of the initial proposer of the topic), and the name of the person you propose to mediate the discussion (these could, of course, be the same person).

What are the "flash talks"?
Five minute long research presentations; a chance to let the HD bioinformatics community know about the exciting work you've been doing on a topic related to the theme of the unseminar i.e. for the first HUB, your talk would focus on systems biology.
Early-stage researchers i.e. predocs and postdocs
How many flash talks?
Our current plans are to include two flash talks in the first HUB meeting
Add the following information to the list of proposed flash talks on the wiki page for the 1st Unseminar

Talk title (provisional)

  • Your name
  • Your affiliation
  • Brief description of the content of the talk