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We're looking to find ways to further publicize HUB meetings, to make sure anyone who'd enjoy joining them knows about them.

HUB publicity meeting

Tuesday 4th February 2014, Riegler's, Bismarkplatz


  • identify activities we could do (and want to do) that we expect would significantly increase the number of HUB participants
  • make realistic (in terms of how busy we are) about making these activities happen
  • for each activity, find one person to coordinate it

Do this by?

  • prioritise from the suggestions provided by Adam the ones each of us most want to do
  • discuss for each of these how best to do it, make a short plan how to make it happen

See end of minutes for the list.

We agreed to:

  • Fixing dates for HUBs as early as possible:
    • Makes it easier for busy people (e.g. PIs) to plan/block the dates so they can participate in the meetings
    • Choose and book dates for HUBs for all of 2014, so we can advertise the date of the next HUB e.g. at the end of a HUB meeting [KATJA to coordinate, working with JON]
  • Investigate making event sign-up easier
  • Report back on HUBs via website
    • Gives people who miss the meetings a chance to get an insight into what went on
    • For each HUB meeting, the main organiser will write up a short summary of the meeting and post it on the wiki/web page for the meeting
  • Exploit social media more
    • May help increase the number of people who are aware of the events
    • May also help people understand better the kinds of activities we carry out, how easy it is to get involved etc.
    • Organisers who currently use some of these social media platforms will coordinate looking at ways that they can be used more usefully by us e.g. by consulting with other organisers, participants, experts
  • Identify (additional) people to disseminate info about HUB in their organisation - potentially to also help as organisers
    • Give us a chance to reach more people with info about HUB
      • MATT: BZH, BioQuant, ZMBH -> TOBY M: Cellzome
      • JON: HITS
      • AIDAN: DKFZ (Agnes, Joel, Barbara, Esther), publishers -> THEO: MolecularHealth
  • Distribute HUB flyers at our institutes
    • e.g. newcomer/arrival/sign-up events
  • Give short HUB introductions at HD events e.g. DKFZ career days
    • AIDAN contact BARBARA about this: DONE
  • Prepare HUB video
    • MATT

List of possible activities for increasing HUB publicity from Adam:


  • Some people saw HUB as a good place to come for 'newcomers' - and connecting with these people could be a good way to broaden the participant base. Suggested highlighting HUB in online communities where these people might participate –;; booster
  • Format interesting
  • Opportunity to learn things in informal setting
  • Meeting people
  • Learning new ideas and perspectives
  • Finding groups in other institutions
  • Developing collaborations, not just scientific
  • Talked into coming (in a positive way!)
  • Grass roots initiative
  • Liked previous meetings
  • Inspiration
  • Curiosity
  • Boosting career


  • Attractive poster a good way to get people to come
  • Take people's mobile numbers and send an SMS?
  • E-mail reminders. Personalised e-mails.
  • Identify people in broader areas of bioinformatics (teachers? and so on)
  • User polls? This led on to an idea to have a pub quiz
  • Making it clear that everyone can contribute to the project (i.e. we could think about different areas of expertise might be involved in the game before sending out information) - people more likely to come if they feel they can contribute
  • Really give a reason to come - big name speaker, interesting, learning, networking environment
  • Define the goals and objectives of HUB clearly and simply (including making clearer what HUB is for those not in the know)
  • Include information on HUB in newcomer packs at institutes
  • Speak to HR departments to identify groups might be interested (i.e. furthering career)
  • Make it fun! - great incentive to come - people do not come to the meetings to sit at the computer
  • Contact group leaders and ask them to encourage staff to come - find ways to sell the idea to PIS


  • Lots of different opinions regarding the best use of social media - seems an approach that best works for HUB would need to be established. Could it be used to keep the conversation going after HUB, for instance? and what is the best way to go about it?
  • Facebook - people use, though some not for work. Would be good to create events or a group as it provides a forum and many people use Facebook without having actively log on to HUB (ie through WIKI) to be reminded about it - seen as good as it gives people opportunity to post and feel actively involved
  • Twitter - some very positive about Twitter use, for highlighting HUB wider in the scientific community. Tweets before/during/after meetings? Some raised concerns that too much info on Twitter, others said could be part of strategy as many use this as newsfeed and can use also to tweet at people to get their attention
  • Linked in - most people used this and saw it as a professional use of social media - said would be good to explore further how Linked in might be used to contact people who might be interested in attending HUB - contacts of HUB participants and so on - worth exploring further
  • Google docs - could be incorporated into a project somehow
  • Some said don't neglect more traditional methods!
  • Some said social media also seen as way to make projects more engaging - for instance developing a game and making it playable on line will be social media - pointed to areas such as Biostars,; open source,


  • Events at 'host institutes' including talks and tours
  • More specialized meetings once a month to connect different groups within HUB
  • Specialised sections on the Wiki (although it wasn't clear that people were actively accessing the Wiki)
  • Trips - Hiking for instance good way to talk to lots of people.
  • HUB retreat in the summer?
  • Quiz night where users submit questions
  • Interview someone well known in front of the audience.
  • Videos. Short films.
  • Short promo video of meeting?