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Room Booking

Room bookings at the University need to be made within term time. You can check term dates here.

Then you need to find a free room. Rooms with movable seating are normally the best. In the past we've used (and found good): Hörsaal 04a, 02, 12a.

Lists of room availability are here.

Facilities of rooms are here

Horsaal 04a availability

N.B. you'll need to make sure that you're looking at the correct semester (change the semester on the left hand nav bar.

2014 Room bookings

  • Tuesday 15.4 Horsaal 04a
  • Thursday 5.6 Horsaal 12a
  • Tuesday 8.7 Horsaal 04a
  • Thursday 16.10 Horsaal 04a
  • Thursday 13.11 Horsaal 04a
  • Tuesday 25.11 Horsaal 12 - (Note that the booking was originally for Horsaal 04a)
  • Thursday 04.12 Horsaal 04a

In case you need to confirm the bookings, the details are online:

Summer semester

Winter semester