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Current social media channels

Possible future HUB social media use


Follow other people:

  • HUB participants
  • unconference/unseminar/hackathon/barcamp organisers
  • bioinformatics conferences/organisers

Topics/links to tweet/retweet:

  • announcements to HUB events (do each one several times)
  • occasional links to HUB website
  • occasional "get involved in HUB as an organiser" tweets
  • photos/post-HUB event reports (do each one several times)
  • links/RTs to articles/content/tweets about:
    • unconferences/unseminars/hackatons/barcamps
    • bioinformatics conferences
    • topics of specific HUB meetings (visualisation, communication, git)


  • Slowly start following relevant accounts, not too many at once. Regularly (once a week?) check for new ones
  • Always tweet, from @HUBioinformatic, several announcements of up-coming HUB events, and also when we do post-meeting reports etc.
  • Start tweeting links/retweeting the kind of content described above to build up value for followers of @HUBioinformatic (try and do this for a few minutes once a day)

LinkedIn Group

  • announcements of HUB events
  • photos/post-HUB event reports
  • as for Twitter, posting links to other content related to:
    • unconferences
    • bioinformatics meetings
    • specific topics covered in HUBs
  • make sure there's no spam on the group