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How do I propose a topic?

Simply add your idea to the list on the 1st unseminar page. To do this, you have to create/log into an account on this wiki, and then select the 'edit' tab above.

IMPORTANT: please include your name (i.e. the name of the initial proposer of the topic), and the name of the person you propose to mediate the discussion (these could, of course, be the same person).


Add your suggestion to the list by Tuesday 10th April, we'll let you know by the end of that week (Friday 13th April) whether we'd like you to present or not. We will be in touch with the mediators of the selected discussion topics to help plan with us how to make their sessions as inclusive and engaging as possible for this audience.

What are the "discussion topics"?

We plan to have two thirty-minute long discussion sessions in the first HUB meeting. These will be mediated discussions on topics related to the theme of the meeting. Ideally, topics should:

  1. be of interest to a large proportion of the Heidelberg bioinformatics community
  2. encourage many different people to contribute to the discussion
  3. aim to result in (several) tangible outcomes of interest to the audience, ideally with relevance to their daily work - i.e. of direct, operational interest for them

These criteria are met by the following example topic:

What recent, recurring, challenges have we encountered working with systems biology data, and how have we attempted to address them

  1. it is relevant for many Heidelberg bioinformaticians, given that so many of us are funded by grants that mention systems biology
  2. it focuses on the daily work of bioinformaticians, so all of the audience, whether early or late career, may have ideas and suggestions to contribute to the discussion
  3. a summary of the discussion would be a list of common problems and solutions to them, which might provide good ideas and tips for the audience when dealing with their own analyses

A less ideal topic would be:

What could image analysis bring biology in 10 years time

  1. many Heidelberg bioinformaticans do not work on image analysis, and are thus presumably less likely to be interested in this topic
  2. as for the point above, only people directly involved in this kind of work are likely to be able to contribute to the discussion
  3. while the discussion could be summarised as a list of "things image analysis could bring us", this list of ideas is unlikely to be useful or important to the audience when they are carrying out their daily work