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Comments/suggestions/ideas for HUB6

Based on/inspired by having had HUB5 yesterday, following ideas/suggestions for HUB6:

  • Organisers make a specific point of going up and meeting/talking to/integrating new faces. It's so easy to arrive and spend the time chatting with the people we know and like already, by reaching out to the new faces, we hopefully will help them enjoy, feel more comfortable, more likely to return, bring friends, etc. And this is one of the main things HUB is about
  • Add a very quick demo at the end to show people in 2 minutes how and where to edit pages to add feedback from the meeting
  • Might it be interesting, to build in info on other Heidelberg and close area events that could be of interest to our community, via iAnn? ISCB use it, so do we at the Bio-IT portal here at EMBL. Maybe Maik would like to get the Python meetings (e.g., Python meetup) listed there i.e. I mean on iAnn?

Aidan Budd 11:38, 22 March 2013 (CET)