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Andrew -- Maybe it should be called the "1st Session." Thomas remarked that it is a bit strange to call a 3hr meeting a "conference" (or unconference). Along those lines, perhaps each event is a "session" in a temporally discontinuous (un)conference? Of course we could also call it the Unified Heidelberg Bioinformatics Unmeeting (no change in the acronym needed).

Aidan -- Reckon we've solved this by going for calling it an "unseminar"

Aidan 21.04.2012 -- here's the link to the version of the page we used while registration was open for the first unseminar

I'm going to change/edit it now to indicate that we're full/closed

Abdul -- Sorry guys, I had to take the train at 21:17 otherwise the connection of trains were inconvenient for me. I hope next time we can start bit earlier (around 1800 or 1830) so participants from far areas can also enjoy the full session. I think I didn't miss much!

Aidan, 8th June - below is the text for getting the poster back in again once it's been corrected for the date, URL, etc. [[File:unconference_poster.png|400px|border|right|link=Media:Unconference poster.pdf]]

Matthew 10:12, 8 June 2012 (CEST) FYI: easiest to comment stuff out rather than removing it, if you think it might be added back at some point:

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