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Agnes Hotz-Wagenblatt studied Biology and obtained a PhD in Biochemistry in Heidelberg (1986). She then had postdoc positions at the DKFZ, later at Penn State University (USA) and Cornell University (USA) doing Protein Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. After a one year stipend at the University of Mainz (1993) she was coming back to the DKFZ and turning to Bioinformatics in the Department of Molecular Biophysics. Since that time, she is working in the user support for sequence analysis with the HUSAR package and bioinformatic pipeline development offered to all scientists in the DKFZ. After the retirement of Prof. Suhai and closing of the Department, she moved to the Bioinformatics group in the Core Facility Genomics and Proteomics and is now also involved in the analysis of next generation sequencing data.