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Report HUB 21 – Interactive notebooks

You can find more details of how the event was run here.

Interest in IPython/Jupyter notebooks was enormous so we actually had to close the doodle pool once we reached 50 participants due to space constraints at BioMed X. As expected from the doodle results around 50 people actually showed up. For the icebreaker people had to arrange themselves in the corridor based on their coding experience from the least experienced to the most experienced. Ice breaker was followed by short information about BioMed X presented by one of BioMed X’s group leaders Simone Fulle. Samo Turk then gave short introduction in Python programming and Jupyter notebooks showing some basic concepts in Python programming and explaining the benefits of interactive notebooks. Florian Huber followed with R in Jupyter demonstrating the power of excellent Bioconductor package. Finally Samo explained the basic idea behind pair programming which was also an introduction into the group activity – pair programming. Based on the icebreaker it was clear that roughly half people were inexperienced in programming so people formed pairs with one experienced and one inexperienced member. They were allowed to use any programming language to solve Rosalind problems ( People really enjoyed this exercise and some pairs were actively coding even after the official program ended at 9:30pm and the last pair stopped coding at 11pm!