Report BUP1

This is a brief report on the first Budapest Unseminar in Bioinformatics which was organized as part of an EMBO practical workshop, also several local bioinformaticians joined the fun.

As an icebreaker, participants were separated into different groups based on their cloths’ color, which worked quite well.
Next, the groups were asked to interview individuals to find out some interesting / unique / funny fact about this person. Then these traits where noted and collected and in the end read out aloud, so other groups could guess who this trait belonged to.
People seemed to enjoy this ice-breaker quite a bit (leading to it taking longer than anticipated) and it also helped getting to know each other, which was useful for the rest of the week long EMBO course…

For the main activity, we created five broad topics (Apps, Websites, Software Tools, Communication Tool, non-software Tools) and then participants joined the respective group they’re interested in to discuss these topics.
The task at hand was then to come up with tools which they find particularly useful in their day-to-day work or just makes life easier, discuss them, rank them and finally present them to everybody. We also asked a facilitator per group to keep track of these tools by using a piratepad.

The atmosphere was great, people enjoyed themselves and had a lot of fun!

Here are some impressions: