Ideas on how to choose how to collaborate

Aidan, Jean-Karim, Holger met on Friday 7th November 2014 and came up with the following ideas about ways we could decide together if/how HUB/CUB/(?BUB?) could collaborate in 2015

We thought the following kinds of project were most attractive as the focus of a collaboration.

  • writing an article together
    • “10 simple rules for running regular bioinformatics unconferences/unseminars”
    • “10 simple rules for building a high-impact user community for a bioinformatics tool”
    • “Suggested topics, with tips on how to deliver them, for interactive participant-driven meetings for bioinformaticans”
    • “Benefits of integrating bioinformatics communities with other professionals (science communicators, administrators, project managers, journalists, marketing specialists)”
  • coding together a non-bioinformatics (or, of course, also bioinformatics) tool
    • Stand-alone and/or web and/or App/smartphone version of using speed-dating for selecting partners for longer conversations (based on tool already developed/prototyped by Matt)
    • A resource for reporting job adverts/opportunities for bioinformaticians, a bit like itico have done for events with iAnn maybe they’d be even interested in developing a job-focused similar thing with us?
    • ask our communities to identify a relatively simple bioinformatics tool, ideally for a context common to many of us (e.g. working with PDFs, PubMed) that would not be “high-impact” in terms of where you’d publish it, but ideally would have genuine utility
      • any initial simple ideas for this?
    • finding together a part of an opensource project (e.g. BioPerl, which has the advantage of being releveant for quite a wide range of bioinformatics sub-fields) for us to contribute together as a group
      • any suggestions for a project/part of a specific project?
  • working together on a small research/data analysis project
      • any initial simple ideas for this?

A list of ideas for ways HUB and CUB could try collaborating together:

Joint development of a small Open Source coding project


Brainstorm together (at a meeting held simultaneously in CT/HD?) for topics/goals/aims of a small project we could try coding on together. Aim would be to give us all experience of working collaboratively, using git for version control, on a coding project. The quality/utility of what we produce would be much less important than the experience we would gain from learning how to work with git, in collaboration with others. Would hopefully still be accessible for non-coders, as they could help with design, documentation, etc. If it works out nicely, then could well be a publication we could write about how we used the project as a focus for gaining new skills, community building, and networking.

Could think of doing it at a meeting that, at the same time, looks to explore alternative meeting formats (lean coffee, world cafe, etc.)


User:Budd, Natasha

Similar exercises as both CUB and HUB have tried out (introduction to professional networking, CUB1, HUB11), but trying them out also remotely/via Skype – maybe think about going in the direction of Call cutta in a box project!?

ISMB 2015

Funding opportunities for travel/work exchange


Natasha mentioned this at HUB11: The context starts off with: “In a globalised world, the internationalisation of research is imperative for the competitiveness of any country.”

It could be ideal for what we’re doing and the call for applications for 2015 should be made within the next month (deadline mid/end-July).