HUB stands for Heidelberg Unseminars in Bioinformatics.

An “Unseminar” is a shorter version of an “unconference”  it is a participant-driven meeting. The content and structure of the events is driven by you.

As the name indicates, HUB is a forum for Heidelberg-related computational biologists/bioinformaticians to get to know each other better, to exchange ideas, and to discuss hot topics and challenges we encounter in our work.

Other people involved in the community e.g. science communicators, editors or project managers, are also very welcome.

Our main aim is to promote networking and interaction within the community in a relaxed atmosphere, particularly between people working in different institutions. Thus, we have chosen a collaborative, community-driven, participative format similar to that of an unconference. We will still be talking about bioinformatics-related issues, but we see the networking aspect of the meetings at just as important as the exchange of bioinformatics-related information and ideas.

Please feel free to browse, contribute to discussions and, even better, get a HUB wiki account.

HUB Unseminars in Bioinformatics eV” is a registered Club (gemeinnütziger eingetragener Verein).
Dr. Aidan Budd
Pfarrstrasse 7
74921 Helmstadt-Bargen


Guidelines and policies

We’ve put together the following descriptions of policies and guidelines for several aspects of communication in the context of HUB:

Acceptable content for the HUB website

Acceptable content for this website includes:

  • information about the planning, organisation, and delivery of events organised by Heidelberg Unseminars in Bioinformatics (HUB)
  • pages on related topics in bioinformatics, meeting organisation, meeting formats, and science communication
  • this includes content associated with unseminar or unconference events organised in other contents, that are broadly in line with HUB’s goals (e.g. the BOSC unconference sessions organised in Dublin in 2015)

Associating logos of other organisations with HUB advertising material

For the advertising material (this webpage, posters) of HUB to include a logo of another organisation, we require that:

  • there is a clear benefit (funding, in-kind support [e.g. providing refreshments], shared/tie-in event, making rooms/space available) to HUB provided by the organisation for that specific unseminar
  • that we have a written (e-mail is fine) OK from someone working with the organisation whose logo we use, that it is used in this way
  • the fact that an organisation funds/supports the work of a HUB participant, is not a reason to include that organisation’s logo on HUB advertising (or other) material

“organisers” HUB mailing list

Anyone requesting that they be added to the list will be added. They will remain on the list until they request removal from it, or until they post messages to the list that are perceived by others on the list as disruptively unpleasant, disrespectful, or off-topic (where the topic is, in a broad sense, organising and administering bioinformatics-related unconferences/unseminars).

“all” HUB mailing list

Anyone requesting membership of the group will be added to it. Anyone can send a message to the group, whether they are subscribed to it or not, but all messages are moderated and only allowed to go to the list if they fit the aim of the list.

The aim of the list is to disseminate information about upcoming or previous HUBs, to request input into HUB-related projects, or to share other material e.g. articles, that have been the result of HUB-related activities. It is not to be used for advertising non-HUB-related events or jobs.

HUB LinkedIn group

Anyone requesting to join the list will be added. They will remain in the group until they remove themselves from it, or until they post messages to the group that are perceived by the group administrators as disruptively unpleasant, disrespectful, or off-topic. On-topic for the group is considered:

  • organising and administering bioinformatics-related unconferences/unseminars
  • job or event announcements expected to be of interest to an audience of bioinformaticians, bench-focused life scientists, and science communicators
  • sharing articles or other information about activities resulting from the work of HUB

Acknowledging participation in organising HUB(s)

The people responsible for organising a given HUB are encouraged to include that information on the webpage for that specific event. Anyone who is involved in organising that event is eligible to include their name in this way – whether it be helping advertising the event, bringing items/stationary etc. along to the event, being involved in discussions at planning meetings to deliver the event etc.