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Tuesday 18th November

Time: 08:00

Place: Cafe Fresco, Heidelberg

In attendance: Aidan, Bronagh, Holger, Florian, Agnes, Thomas Wolf, Matt, Adam

Topics: Planning for 2015


  • flip charts and masking tape are needed for HUB15
  • Matt to make the HUB 15 poster
  • HUB 15 will finish at 8.30, so everyone can go to the Christmas on Kornmarkt

Ideas for HUBS 2015

  1.  Open data/reproducible data. Florian, Iman
  2.  Statistics and Intuition; Matt, Thomas Wolf, Agnes
  3.  Storytelling in science; Adam, Iman
  4. Raspberry Jam; Holger
  5.  Working with REST in bioinformatics and beyond; Holger, Xiaofeng, Pierre
  6.  Open Space Technologies; Aidan
  7. Choosing a collaborative project for HUB/CUB; Bronagh