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HUB23 – Biocuration

June 9, 2016 from 18:30 - 20:30

Please let us know if you plan to attend by filling in this doodle.

HUB23 - Biocuration

Scientific data- the new black gold.

Scientific data is growing at a staggering rate, which leads to data loss due to the lack of appropriate systems for preservation and storage. This is where data curation for biological sciences plays a crucial role. Not only in documenting and storing the data, but making it available in a reusable and accessible format for propagating scientific research.

It is estimated that in order to keep up with the pace of data production in the different fields of sciences 500 thousand curators are needed in Europe alone and in the near future – but what is it that data curators do? And what do we need to do as a scientific community?

Come to our next HUB and find out. There will be talks from researchers in the field who will demonstrate the initiatives and platforms available for preserving and presenting scientific data, as well as two fun icebreaker exercises that will help us better understand “What do we consider as Data?” and “How do we choose to describe it?”

Entry is free.
Please sign up on the doodle poll if you are planning on coming.

Afterwards for those who want we will head to the pub.


  1. Flash talks
  2. Activity: describing the world around you
  3. Talk: Thomas Lemberger, ‘SourceData – making data discoverable
  4. Activity: explaining things using only a given 100 words
  5. Flash talk: Holger Dinkel on ontologies
  6. End of HUB23, off to Cafe Botanik

Here are some of the really great “stories” people came up with using just the top thousand most commonly used words (see also up-goer five challenge):

Nice old city with people who try to understand hard things get together thing. People who don‘t know each other and people who do know each other meet every month. They want to understand life with a computer. That is hard, so they meet to talk about how hard this is. They think to write is too easy, so they make it more hard as a game. All work together in small groups. Some act as teachers, some watch. Others wonder why they see the word “horse”. Together we understand better. Can you guess the city thing? [Guangyou, Toby, Agnes, Wolfgang, Anja]
Many countries meet for drinking and watching men in shorts run after a ball. They want to take home a important heavy cup with blinking handles. People kick a ball through the door. People music-shout when the ball gets through the door. They cry like children when they have to go home too soon. Twenty-four teams from different lands in the same area will be shown on TV. [Guangyou, Toby, Agnes, Wolfgang, Anja]

Movie about a man that flies at night. He kills guys with guns and drives a funny car [Holger]

Cat-like animal with lots of hair. Loves death and eating men and loud voice. Head of the large wood [Adam]

Eats small animals with its long nose. [Adam]

Animal that sleeps a lot in the large wood. [Adam]

Animal that never forgets. [Adam]

Like animal that cats catch but this one flies. Some eat blood at night. [Adam]

Animal a bit like a mouse but happens to have no clothes. Also like an animal that enters into floor to make a home under ground. [Adam]

A cell that grows without control. If this happens in your brain, blood, or somewhere in your body, you are very sick and can die. This cell is not normal and is sick. A tiny part is broken: A letter is changed in the book of life and all goes wrong. Fucked up. The cell cannot decide when to stop and grows and grows and forms a ball. Small pieces move far to other parts of the body to hide and to form new balls. In the hospital the ball can be cut, but it will come back again. [Thomas, Janos, Zuguang]

It is like a cell which lives alone, not a part of a body. It is smaller than a human cell. In a human, there are more of these things than human cells. Some kinds can make a human sick, but others kinds are good. It is made almost all of water. It can live in very cold and very hot places. Some kinds breach good air other kinds breath bad air. It can make a new one like it in a few hours. With or without fucking. [Alex, Rumyana, Ulli, Patrick, Marc]

We have a lot of words to talk about some problems in a field. Sometimes these different words talk about the same thing. Sometimes the same words talk about different things. My job is to group them by hat they really mean, and put them in order and to store this in a computer. I do this with the work that comes from many groups that study the world and how life works. This is important for sharing work of different people and groups. Sometimes I also teach people to do this and sometimes I help people understand why we need to do this. [Marc]

He is like a human with funny hair. He wants to build a wall for people on one side of the wall and against people on the other side of the wall. He wants to lead a land and make it great again. He has a lot of money and he wants a lot of power. Some people think he is like god. [Marc, Aleks, Rumyana, Patrick, Ulli]

Once upon a time there was a pretty girl, Her step mother was very angry and bad. She thought to be most beautiful women in the world. One day the mirror told her that your step daughter is more beautiful than you. She became angry immediately and she gave the order to kill her. The man who usually kills the animals went with her into the woods. Sine he was a good man he told her to run away. Deep in the woods she saw a small house. She went in the house and fell asleep Late in the evening seven little men came home and saw the girl. She woke up and if they didn’t die yet they still live together in a happy way. [Francesca, Triin, Maja, Sara, Manjeet]


June 9, 2016
18:30 - 20:30


Sara El-Gebali


Im Neuenheimer Feld 267
Heidelberg, 69120 Germany
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